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The first chapter of October Sky, by Homer Hickam Jr., describes in detail the narrator's early childhood. The topic is focused on the setting: Coalwood, where the narrator lives, his cjildhood spanning form the late 40's to the early 50's, and the history of the town and the narrator's family.
The first chapter is used to introduce the characters, in this case the narrator, his mother and father, his grandfather, and his friends. The chapter is also used to explain some of the setting ao that readers have some background information when the story begins.
The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, "It was only when I was in highschool and began to build rockets that I finally understood why." This cliffhanger urges readers to contiue on to the next chapter and encourages readers to make inferences on what is to come.

First chapter done.
Easy peasy.
I'm going to read the next chapter and try to get the summary done so I can get a treat tomorrow.

Just so that nobody thinks I am trying to cheat, I will admit that I did go the the store today. My dad took me to the Target eyeglasses doctor to get my new lenses checked because I had been having troubles. I picked out new frames to better suit me, and I will tell you now that it was not a pleasure trip. I need glasses to see better, and if I have problems, then seeing better won't be worth it. I will admit that after that I went shopping, but did not buy anything for myself.
After that, my dad bought me McDonalds for lunch. If anyone thinks that counts as a guilty plaeasure or a treat, then I will sacrifice tomorrows treat for reading two chapters, and I will not have a treat. Personally, I would like to say that it was for lunch, and I did not flat-out ask for fast food. We were at target and I said I was hungry, and my dad suggested Mickey-D's.

I know that this may not be the most interesting journal challenge for you guys to read, so I'm sorry if you think this is spam. I just want to find a way to motivate myself to get this done, and I get on DA alot, so it seemed that this would work. If you'll excuse me, i'm gonna finish chapter two andf then play Minecraft until I pass out.
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  • Reading: October Sky
  • Watching: My dad cook
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  • Eating: McD's
  • Drinking: Should I lick it? ... *licks* and DP.
evilqueen112 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Ya know, my husband picked up the movie because my son and I build rockets together and I never got around to watching it. I will be watching for your chapter 2 cliff notes.
Mistriver21 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011  Student General Artist
Cool! Thanks for reading that, it's nice to see someone actually cares to read them. I'm going to watch the movie too, but I want to finish the book first so that I don't get things mixed up.
I got the ch2 notes up. They're long, I'm warning you.
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Submitted on
June 27, 2011